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I started out 25 years ago as a young self-taught designer, by working on small projects for friends, relatives and small businesses around my area. I quickly realised that graphic design is my passion and something I would like to do for many years in the future.

What I did next?

I went to the Central Queensland University and obtained my diploma in Bachelor of Multimedia Studies and quickly after that I have completed Master of Creative Enterprise as well. Along with the study I did a lot of research in graphic design field, while working as a freelancer on various projects for locals and for the clients around the world.

Everything starts to grow!

I started as a freelancer; I was running my own graphic and web design agency; I worked as a graphic designer and art director for some local companies. During that period of my career I learned a lot about the marketing and business but I was not happy overall. I was overloaded with the business and administration tasks and duties, instead of graphic design and creativity. I didn't want that. I wanted more freedom and time to be creative. I gave up and become a freelancer again...

Freedom of freelancing.

It took a few more years of work while the number of completed projects and happy clients went up. During that time I fine-tuned my design skills and built a pretty much good portfolio. Want to see? >>>

So, what I can do for you?

The size of the project doesn't really matter. I can handle them all. What does matter is that design must work. Great design must communicate the right message to the right audience in the best possible way. That's why you want me to do the job. I have a passion, experience and knowledge to make design that works. I do classic print design, editorial, brand and visual identity, web related graphics, packaging design and everything else a good graphic designer is supposed to do.

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